YK11: History & Benefits

Is YK11 the key to achieving faster muscle gains with minimal side effects? This is what most bodybuilders and fitness experts think.

The product is quite popular in the bodybuilding community. It is promoted as a super-SARM. It is also one of the earliest SARMs on the market.

Away with the general information, let’s now get into the nitty-gritty of this product.

Did you know that YK-11 is not really a SARM? Well, this review will help you understand this drug in full. Then, hopefully, we’ll help you make a wise choice on whether to use it not for your fitness needs.

What is YK11?

YK11 is classified as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARMS). Some studies show it has a chemical composition of 5-a-dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is a hormone found in the human body. DHT targets androgen receptors and is stronger than testosterone. This compound is more common to steroids than SARMs. However, this particular compound is commonly referred to as a SARM because it shares more similarities to SARMs than steroids.

But that’s not all. YK-11 is also regarded as a myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a protein naturally produced by our bodies. It works to regulate muscle growth and ensure your body is not gaining more muscle than it can hold.

As a myostatin inhibitor, this drug can prevent the actions of this protein to help you gain more muscle mass. In simpler words, it gets rid of the biological limit standing between you and pounds of muscle mass.

YK11 also improves bone health. It creates stronger and denser bones fighting osteoporosis.

The compound is commonly used by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass while burning away excess fats. However, there is no clinical data and research on the compound to fully back most of these benefits.

The drug is sold online as a research compound and does not come with FDA approval. Therefore, consumers are urged to research it before making any purchase.

How does YK11 work?

This is a relatively new compound that was first synthesized in 2011 in Japan. Currently, the compound is categorized as a SARMS. However, its chemical properties place it as a chemical steroid with properties of SARMS. Apart from the selective attachment, the compound is pretty close to an asteroid.

YK11 works in two ways. First, it is a partial agonist of the androgen receptor mimicking the testosterone hormone. Secondly, YK11 works as a myostatin inhibitor to minimize the myogenesis process. Myostatin is a protein in the body that regulates muscle development. Consumers can experience increased muscle growth if the hormone is increased.

The compound has greatly been shown to target muscle mass because of its androgenic effect and myostatin inhibition. As a result, consumers using YK11 can experience incredible muscle tissue growth and ligaments. With increased muscle growth, the body’s energy demands also increase. This leads to increased fat burning to produce more energy for the body. The results are increased lean muscles, increased energy levels, and a well-toned body physique.

YK11 vs. RAD-140

These two compounds are usually compared as they work in the same manner. RAD-140 Testolone is more aggressive with fully androgenic effects. There is dramatic testosterone mimicking when using RAD-140 as opposed to YK11. While effects are the same, the testosterone levels drop in YK11.

Benefits of using YK11

Increasing muscle size

YK11 boosts muscle growth by inhibiting myostatin and increasing follistatin levels. The compound has not had trials on humans. However, bodybuilders have shown a great increase in body muscles when using the compound. This is a great feature in bodybuilders as they look to build lean muscles. While working out in the gym can help build lean muscles, using the YK11 compound combined with exercises makes gaining muscle a lot easier and quicker.

Most consumers have reported mass muscle gain within the first week of using the compound.

Increased energy levels and endurance

The compound also boosts overall body energy levels.

The increased mass muscle leads to more energy demands for the body. This leads to added fat breakdown to meet the energy needs. Consumers can work out harder and for longer without feeling tired. There is also increased endurance with consumers engaging in cardio activities without feeling tired faster. You get to work out harder and achieve your goals faster.

Fat burning

This is another excellent benefit that consumers can enjoy. The fat-burning process is greatly enhanced as the body looks to produce more energy for the increasing demands. General fat loss happens without muscle wasting. Consumers can enjoy lean bodies as muscles grow and replace the lost fats.

Strong and dense bones

Since the compound attaches to androgen receptors of the muscles and bones, it helps create strong and denser bones. Consumers can enjoy strong bones and reverse the effects of osteoporosis. It is also effective at preventing osteoporosis.

These are just a few benefits consumers can enjoy. The YK11 is pretty safe and easy to use. It reduces the amount of salt-storing capacity within your body. This also prevents water retention in the muscles creating a lean and strong muscle appearance. The compound is quite effective in increasing confidence and determination in the users.

YK11 is not quite as strong as a typical steroid. However, it is pretty strong when you compare it to other SARMS. It is fully androgenic and targets muscle and bone tissues.


According to anecdotal reports, the ideal dosage for YK11 is between 10mg and 15mg. This dosage is divided into two daily doses. There is no scientifically recommended dosage for YK11with 10mg to 15mg coming from consumers that have used the compound. 10-15mg is recommended for optimal benefits. However, new users can start with a much small dose of 5mg. A 5mg dose for the first week is recommended before increasing to 10mg.

For intermediate users, you can start with a dose of 10mg in the first week. This can then be extended to 15 mg towards the second week. For advanced users, a regular dosage of 15mg is usually recommended.

When taking YK11, it is advised that you consume a lot of water. This is a great way to help in the breakdown while also reducing the side effects.

In general, a suitable dosage can vary from as low as 5mg to a maximum of 30 mg, depending on the user. Advanced bodybuilders can consume as much as 30mg per day. Most consumers take YK11 orally as a pill. However, there are injection options you can consider. It is important to note the YK11 is a research compound and not approved for human use.

Side effects

Clinical studies on Yk-11 are quite limited. Most of the available studies done so far are on cells. Therefore, most of the side effects are based on user experiences.

The high follistatin in YK11 might increase the risk of prostate, skin, stomach, and esophagus cancer.

However, there are no studies to confirm and back these side effects. Generally, the compound is pretty safe as there are no researched and reported side effects. However, the compound must be used in moderation and within the recommended doses.

YK11 Cycle Information

A complete YK11 cycle needs to run for at least four weeks. However, this might be extended to 8 weeks, depending on the user stage and body tolerance. Anything beyond the eight weeks is not recommended.


Unlike most SARMS that take 24 hours to completely break down, the half-life of YK11 is about 10 to 12 hours. A single dosage during the day is enough to bring out optimal benefits.  Drinking a lot of water once you’ve taken YK11 is also recommended to help flush out the broken compounds. This also helps restore the hormones and ensure maximum benefit.

Where to buy YK11

There are several online stores and pharmaceuticals where you can buy 100% pure and safe YK11. However, it is important to note that not all vendors offer quality YK11 and excellent customer services.

Choose top-rated vendors like Science Bio, Swiss Chem, and SARMS 4 YOU with third-party lab testing and excellent reviews online. These stores guarantee authentic SARMs that are tested for efficacy and safety.

Final Thoughts

YK-11 is usually sold as a SARM, but recent studies show that it might actually have a different working mechanism. According to these studies, the drug blocks myostatin to unleash your full muscle-building potential.

So, does it really matter if YK-11 is a SARM or not? Well, yes and no. Yes, it matters in that it is an excellent choice if your body is having a hard time tolerating typical SARMs. And no, it doesn’t because if all you want is bigger gains, then YK-11 has the right formula to deliver just that.

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