Ligandrol( LGD-4033): Benefits & Medical background

Better known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, SARMs are a class of research compounds with great anabolic effects. These compounds selectively attach to skeletal androgen receptors producing the anabolic effects that result in muscle growth, fat loss, and enhanced athletic performance.

Ligandrol or LGD4033 is one of the most popular SARMs. It’s widely used in bulking cycles, but some people also include it in a cutting regimen. 

In this Ligandrol review, we’ll give a complete rundown of the SARM to help you answer one simple question, is it as effective as people paint it out to be?

What is Ligandrol?

Ligandrol is one of the most popular Selective Androgen Receptor Module (SARMS). It is one of the strongest non-steroidal SARMS on the market with rapid results. Ligandrol is marketed as a research chemical. It is an investigational drug that can be consumed orally in pills. The drug is developed by Viking Therapeutics, VK5211.

The drug is widely known for its treatment for osteoporosis and muscle wasting in patients. Ligandrol helps people build mass muscle hence the wide use by athletes and bodybuilders. It can also prevent and reverse osteoporosis by making bones denser and stronger. While Ligandrol works like most other SARMS, it is by far the most potent SARMS.

Ligandrol is a testosterone booster and one of the best in the market. It delivers visible effects on users when taken in small doses. The drug is quite popular among bodybuilders because it works just like steroids but without the harsh side effects of steroids.

It is not toxic and harmful to the liver, yet it is up to 10 times more potent than testosterone.

How Ligandrol works?

The compound attaches itself to androgen receptors in the skeletal muscles and initiates anabolic activities. This makes the body grow new muscles and bones cells. The body gains lean muscles tremendously while burning stubborn fats. It also helps bones get denser, making them stronger. The compound only attaches to androgen receptors. There is no contact with other body tissues and organs, making it relatively safe.

Ligandrol does not aromatize, preventing any involvement of estrogen. There will be no preservation of water in the muscle, as experienced with most steroids. You can be sure testosterone levels will not be depleted in the body as estrogen levels are not triggered. This is a great feature that helps fight various problems like high blood pressure and anxiety.

Most of the benefits of Ligandrol are experienced after the Post Cycle Therapy, PCT when hormones are set back to normal levels. Consumers can enjoy natural muscle building and preservation due to the accumulated Ligandrol before the cycle.

Is Ligandrol a steroid?

No, Ligandrol is a SARM and works by attaching to androgen receptors.

While SARMs and steroids offer the same effect, they are quite different in composition. Their working mechanisms are also different, with SARMS being more selective and safe.

Furthermore, steroids are considered illegal. Therefore, SARMs come in as a legal option.

Research around SARMS is still ongoing, and the preclinical results are very promising.

What to expect from Ligandrol (LGD 4033)?

The drug was initially developed to fight muscle wasting and osteoporosis in patients. However, it is now a popular choice among bodybuilders and athletes because of its amazing muscle mass growth. Consumers taking Ligandrol can have high expectations. Some of the benefits they stand to gain include:

1.   Increased strength and stamina

This is one of the first benefits you can experience. Most users will enjoy enhanced strength and stamina for better workouts. Are you struggling to lift weights in the gym? Taking Ligandrol will enable you to lift heavier weight in the gym without feeling tired faster. You can easily perform cardio and other workout sessions for longer and achieve desired goals.

There are so many cardiovascular benefits consumers can enjoy. This is a great compound, especially if you’re struggling to work out in the gym for long. It will boost your energy levels and make you enjoy gym sessions more.

2.   Increases lean muscle mass

The next crucial benefit is the growth of lean muscle mass. LGD 4033 is a popular SARMS in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. You can be sure of increasing lean muscle growth in the body while keeping fat levels low. There are chances of growing up to 2.1 pounds of lean muscles in 21 days, taking just 1mg of Linandrol a day.

The amount of lean muscle mass can be increased with an increase in the dosage. However, be careful of an overdose and extended use of the compound. The compound helps you add muscles while keeping fit.

3.   Faster recovery

Faster recovery is another essential benefit, especially in the bulking phase. The compound does an amazing job in helping the body muscle cells recover after a long workout. You don’t have to wait for extended periods for the muscles to recover. This is a great benefit that gets you working more in the gym as opposed to waiting for the body to recover.

4.   Promotes fat loss

Consumers experience what we call a thermionic effect which leads to increased metabolism rates. With increased metabolism, there is a higher fat-to-energy conversion. This helps the body burn excess fats in the body and produces the needed energy demands. Ligandrol is an excellent anti-catabolic agent that ensures you gain lean muscles while cutting on stubborn fats. Furthermore, increased metabolism creates a caloric-deficient leading to more fat loss. Overall, consumers can lose fats in stubborn areas like the waist and belly, building a great body physique.

5.   Targets bone and muscle tissues

Ligandrol is a selective compound that will only target muscle and bone tissues. This is one of the best features that make it a great steroid alternative. You can be sure of gaining most steroid benefits without affecting vital organs in the body. Ligandrol will target body muscle tissues and bones, helping them grow bigger and stronger.

6.   Promotes mental health

Using Ligandrol makes consumers feel positive and great about themselves. They experience better mental health and can concentrate on their workouts.

7.   Prevents muscle wasting

This is another excellent benefit and one of the main reasons SARMS was developed. The compound prevents muscle wasting especially when consumers have reduced protein intake. Bulking and cutting processes are quite challenging and usually lead to muscle loss. The same problem is usually experienced by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. However, Ligandrol can help in such cases by retaining the body muscles and adding more lean muscles.


Ligandrol is quite effective and needs to be consumed in small doses. It is one of the strongest SARMS out there. The recommended dosages are from 5mg to 10mg taken daily. Beginners and female consumers need to start at 5mg per day. You can then increase the dosage with usage to a maximum of 1mg.

 For example, you can consume 5mg for the first week. You can then increase your dosage to 10mg for the second week. The compound needs to be taken for a maximum of 6 weeks to complete a cycle.

Ligandrol side effects

Ligandrol is a relatively safer SARMS without any serious side effects. Most users experience minimal side effects like headache, fatigue, nausea, and muscle pumps. It is an effective SARMS that works without any adverse side effects. The side effects vary from one person to another. However, users that overdose or use the compound for extended periods tend to experience most of these side effects.

Is Post Cycle Therapy, PCT required?

Unlike most SARMS, a PCT is not mandatory as Ligandrol is a relatively mild SARM. However, there is no harm in taking a PCT at the end of the cycle to restore the hormones.

Where to buy Ligandrol

The compound is readily available online from various vendors. However, make sure you select a suitable vendor with good reviews and recommendations. Consider top vendors like Chyemo, Brutal Force, Science Bio, etc.

The ideal vendor needs to offer third-party lab testing, a guarantee, and excellent customer service.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Ligandrol is a very effective SARMs and one with minimal side effects. It may not be as potent as something like RAD-150 but it definitely packs a punch.

LGD-4033 will help you gain pounds of lean muscle mass at a fast rate. All you need to do is support it with the right nutrition and workout routine. You can also stack it with other SARMs for even better results. However, watch the dosage closely to avoid unnecessary adverse reactions

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