Ibutamoren (MK677) 2021: Medical Research and Benefits

Ibutamoren is an excellent compound that is usually classified as a SARM. This is probably because most of its functions are similar to what SARMs do. The compound increases muscle growth, reduces body fat, and increases overall body energy levels.

However, it does not interact with androgen receptors, as is the case with other selective androgen receptor modulators.

In this review, we’ll clarify what Ibutamoren is and tell you why it deserves to be in your bodybuilding regimen.

Let’s get into it:

What is Ibutamoren

Ibutamoren is also known as MK677 OR Nutrobal. It is a highly potent and active growth hormone secretagogue taken orally.

This extremely popular compound can boost the growth hormone GH in the body. It also supports insulin-like growth factors, IGF1. These are two crucial factors that play a huge role in cell regeneration, muscle growth, and recovery.

The drug is sometimes confused as a SARM, just like Cardarine. However, Ibutamoren is not a SARMS but instead a growth hormone secretagogue. The hormone works by mimicking the ghrelin receptors.

It is widely used by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance performance, endurance, and recovery.

However, much of the information on the compound is based on preclinical data and anecdotal experiences.

How does MK677 work?

Since the compound is a growth hormone secretagogue, it encourages the body to produce more natural growth hormones. The compound works in a unique way to increase the production of the growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1. It does this without affecting other hormones in the body, like cortisol. Cortisol reduces the immune system, impairs learning and memory, and reduces wound healing.

The compound raises the GH levels to what our bodies had when we were teenagers. This does not mean teenagers cannot take the compound. It can still spur some slight growth in teens. However, the GH compound is weaker than the GH shots that people inject directly into their bodies. Instead of getting direct GH from shots, MK677 can help our bodies produce GH naturally.

How well is Ibutamoren researched?

Like most research compounds, this compound is still under investigation. However, when compared to most research compounds, ibutamoren is well-researched. There are multiple studies done on the compound, including human and animal trials. However, the drug is not approved by the FDA for safe use. There are still several research and trial steps before it can get any FDA approval. The good news is that most of the research on the compound is promising.

This is a well-researched compound with ongoing clinical trials. There are lots of studies on the compound, with some research backing most of the benefits.

Is ibutamoren legal?

Yes, the compound is legal to buy and use anywhere in the world, with a few exceptions in countries like Australia. In such countries, you need a doctor’s prescription before you can use it. However, this does not mean the compound is approved and regulated. It is usually sold as a research compound for research purposes without any regulation.

The compound is banned for use in sports activities since it provides athletes with an undue advantage.

 Benefits of Ibutamoren/MK677

Most of the MK677 benefits arise from the fact that it increases the natural production of the growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors 1. The GH and IGF1 are crucial hormones that aid in muscle growth, cell regeneration, better bone density, improved sleep, anti-aging properties, etc. Below, we cover some of the main benefits of using ibutamoren.

1.    Helps build muscles

Ibutamoren is mainly used as an anabolic compound to help increase lean muscles. It is an orally active compound that should be taken once a day.

The compound stimulates GH and IGF1, which lead to the production of lean muscles. Various clinical studies have shown a boost in growth hormone increases muscle size strength.

Most users will likely experience an increase in fat-free mass within a few weeks of using the drug. There is also an increase in the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

2.    Reduced muscle wasting

The compound has also been shown to reduce muscle wasting in persons due to various reasons. Muscle wasting can happen because of cancer or reduced protein intake. Ibutamoren is categorized as a treatment for persons with catabolic issues. It has been shown to reverse protein catabolism and prevent muscle wasting.

3.    Increases bone density

The compound, just like most SARMS, has been shown to increase bone density and prevent conditions like osteoporosis. MK677 increases the mineral density in the body, which helps strengthen the bones. The compound actively increases bone-building, which can be measured using osteocalcin, a marker of bone turnover.

4.    Improves sleep

The human growth hormone is known to improve sleep. It is thought using MK677 to produce more growth hormones can lead to improved sleep. Studies have shown that the compound helps improve rapid eye movement (REM) and sleep quality.

5.    Combats aging and increases longevity

The production of the human growth hormone starts to decline at a certain age. This usually leads to several aging signs. However, individuals taking MK677 will experience increase GH leading to improved hormone profiles. Some of the things such persons can experience include increased hair and nail growth. The skin and hair will also look better, reducing signs of aging.

People are taking this compound as means of fighting balding. The compound aids in the production of more hair follicles. It promotes healing with thicker and faster hair growth results.

6.    Accelerated recovery

The human growth hormone plays a crucial role in repairing damaged tissues and cells. Taking ibutamoren increases the GH leading to faster muscle and cell recovery. The hormone impacts the skin, metabolism, and loss of fat. Athletes use the compound since it helps them recover faster and be ready for the next workout. Most users report faster recovery after using the compound for weeks.

7.    Treats growth hormone deficiency

The compound naturally increases GH and IGF1 in children with a deficiency in these hormones. This is a great way to treat hormone deficiency in children without increasing the concentration of glucose, prolactin, insulin, cortisol, etc. The compound can also be used to increase the GH in men with severe GH deficiency.

8.    Nootropic effects

Ibutamoren shares a lot of similarities with Ghrelin binding to its receptors. The compound is believed to have the same effects as Ghrelin on the brain cells. There are no direct studies to show the nootropic effects of MK677 on the brain. Patients using the compound have shown improved cognitive functions.

Side effects

Is MK677 safe? The answer is simply no since there is little information on the compound. However, there are also no serious reported side effects. In most cases, persons with high sensitivity to insulin or those with diabetes might be at risk. Most symptoms shown with such individuals might be exacerbated when using MK677.

Just like most compounds, there are reduced side effects with correct dosing. Most of the few side effects are due to improper dosages and extended use. Below are a few common side effects individuals can experience:

  • Lethargy
  • Increase appetite
  • Insulin resistant
  • Pains at the joints especially for persons with previous medical conditions
  • Possible increase of prolactin levels
  • Water retention

Most of the mentioned side effects are from studies and scientific literature. There are high chances of experiencing them especially when you overdose or use the compound for extended periods. In most cases, ibutamoren is safe and does not affect the endocrine system.

Ibutamoren dosage and cycle information

To reap optimal benefits of ibutamoren, you need to use the proper dosage and within the recommended cycle. A look at scientific data recommends a dosage of 20mg to 25mg per day for optimal results. This dosage is more effective in increasing GH and IGF1.

Anecdotal experiences also recommend a dosage of between 10mg for beginners to a maximum of 30mg. However, 20mg to 30mg doses was the average for most users with optimal benefits. However, most people experienced side effects with higher doses.

The MK677 cycle runs typically for 6-16 weeks. However, the majority of the users extend usage for 3-4 months.

MK677 half-life

The compound has a half-life of 24 hours hence the single dosage daily. A single dose daily helps maintain stable levels.

Final thoughts

Ibutamoren (MK677) is a unique compound that increases GH and IGF-1 hormones without affecting other hormones. It is an extremely popular compound among bodybuilders and athletes with a wide range of benefits.

Its unique working mechanism also allows it to produce results that you won’t get from other SARMs. For instance, it boosts skin, hair, and nail health thanks to the boost in HGH.

Therefore, MK677 is an amazing performance enhancer that you seriously need to consider.

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