The 3 Best SARMS for weight loss

Weight loss is one of the most discussed topics online. Losing weight in a safe and healthy manner can be challenging. There are hundreds of products that promise faster weight loss. However, do the products work as advertised?

In most cases, dieting and pushing yourself in the gym will yield some results. However, the weight loss results achieved will not match your goals. Most people give up in a matter of weeks. This is where SARMs come in to help with rapid weight loss without muscle wasting.

Furthermore, SARMS have been shown to work with minimal side effects as opposed to anabolic steroids. While SARMS work in the same manner as steroids, they do so selectively, only attaching to skeletal androgen receptors while at the same time modulating their functions.

What is SARMS?

SARMS stands for selective androgen receptor modules. They are a class of compounds that only affect the androgen receptors in the body. This selective effect helps bodies cut fats, build lean muscles and build strength and endurance. This is the opposite of steroids that affect other receptors in the body leading to numerous and adverse side effects.

All SARMS can help you lose weight, build lean muscles and build strength and endurance, but the degree of effectiveness varies. Moreover, some SARMs are best at lean muscle building while others are best at weight loss.

Therefore, while you can gain all benefits of SARMS from a single SARM, you can achieve better results when selecting a SARM product best suited for a specific function.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best SARMS for cutting.

3 Best SARMS for weight loss

Here are the best SARMs for shredding fat:

1.   Ligandrol LGD-4033

Ligandrol is by far one of the best weight loss SARMS in the world to consider buying. Developed by Ligand Pharmaceutical, the compound was designed to prevent massive mass muscle loss while losing some pounds.

The main use of Ligandrol is to help people burn as much weight as possible as they work out.

The drug was first developed in 2009. It went through a clinical trial later in 2018 where it proved to be very effective in patients and elderly persons recovering from fractured hips.

Apart from the massive weight loss, the compound also helps muscle tissue maintenance and strength building. There are a few sources that claim it helps fight cancer.

Benefits of Ligandrol

Some of the benefits LGD4033 users can expect include:

  • Safe and easy to take
  • Rapid fat loss without muscle wasting
  • High potency similar to steroids without the side effects of steroids
  • No water retention, acne, and baldness
  • Undergone Phase 1 clinical trials successfully
  • Lean muscle gain
  • Increased strength, performance, and endurance

Side effects

  • Does cause some headache
  •  Few cases of a dry mouth
  • Increased risks of heart attacks, stroke, and liver failure when used in high doses.

 Dosage and Stacking

There are various ways that one can take Ligandrol. The compounds are safe to take on an empty or full stomach. Ligandrol can be taken from 3-5mg a day for a period of 8 weeks.

You can also stack the compound with Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine. This is a great way to increase weight loss, among other benefits.

For Ligandrol to work effectively, you need to have a diet and exercise regime in place. Persons using Ligandrol accordingly can expect at least 8 pounds of lean muscle gain and loss of excess weight on the stomach and waist.

Ligandrol is more effective than steroids for bodybuilding and weight loss. It burns up body fat with lean muscles taking the place of the lost fats.

2.   Ostarine

The next best weight loss SARM you should consider is Ostarine. The SARM is not new and has been around for years.  Most people refer to Ostarine as MK2886 or Enbosarm.

Ostarine was developed by GTX, Inch and had clinical trials in 1997. The compound was developed to treat muscle wasting and osteoporosis in elderly patients. The gain in lean muscles is stored in fatty tissues preventing the formation of fats.

This is an outstanding SARM and one that can be used to start a stacking program. This is a suitable SARM for beginners since there are minimal side effects.

The compound works effectively by attaching to androgen receptors leading to numerous benefits. This is by far one of the best cutting stacks on the market. It can consistently build lean muscles without adding fats.

Benefits of Ostarine

  • Adds more muscle mass
  • Rapid fat loss without wasting
  • Results are rapid
  • Increases bone density and helps burn osteoporosis
  • Less recovery time

Side effects

  • Acne
  • Creates a decrease in good cholesterol
  • It makes one feel hungry faster
  • Causes pains on the joints                  

Dosage and Stacking

You can take Ostarine at any time of the day every 24 hours. The ideal dosage for cutting is around 10mg to 20 mg taken daily at the same time.

Do not take the drug a few minutes before the workout or during the workout. This reduces its effectiveness. The best time to take Ostarine is early in the morning when workouts are planned for later in the day.

 This allows optimal functioning to help build lean muscles and burn excess fats in the body. The rule thumb is to take 10mg of Ostarine in the morning. For increased effectiveness, you can stack it with 15mg of Cardarine.

Where can I buy Ostarine?

There are various top online vendors to buy Ostarine. Chemyo is one of the leading vendors where you can get genuine and top-quality Ostarine. Make sure the ideal vendor offers third-party verifications and offers excellent customer services.

3.   Andarine – S4

Andarine is 3rd on the list for the best cutting SARMS. Also known as S-40503, Andarine is a research chemical developed in the 90s. It is the first SARM on the market to be developed.

The chemical was first made to treat muscle wasting, prostate enlargement, osteoporosis, and benign prostatic hypertrophy in patients. It is a well-researched chemical that has undergone various clinical trials with promising results.

Andarine is a top-quality SARM that has been shown to stop muscle wasting and various degenerative bone conditions. It also reverses those conditions by increasing bone density and adding lean muscles. It is an excellent option for stacking. It works incredibly well for both novice and professional bodybuilders.

The accelerated fat loss makes the compound a top SARM choice for weight loss. This is due to its testosterone mimicking effects. However, make sure you don’t use it for too long, as it can lead to a drop in testosterone.

Benefits of Andarine

  • Helps in rapid fat burning
  • Aids in fast muscle recovery
  • Increases muscles
  • Increases bone strength and density
  • Fights osteoporosis

Side effects

  • It might lead to testosterone suppression when used for long periods
  • Causes night vision
  • Exacerbates hair loss

 Dosage and stacking

Unlike most SARMS, Andarine has a short 4-hour half-life. This means splitting dosages to ensure the compound remains in the bloodstream at high levels during the day.

It is recommended that you start with lower doses and split them within four hours a day.

The ideal beginner dose is 25mg, followed by a 50mg dosage per day for intermediate and 100mg for advanced users.                   

You can also stack Andarine with other SARMS for more effective results. Some of the best SARMS to stack Andarine include Ostarine and Cardarine.

Where to buy Andarine?

You can buy Andarine from top brands like Chemyo, where the compounds are tested by third-party laboratories. However, be willing to spend a little more as Andarine is one of the most expensive SARMS.

Final Thoughts

Losing weight can be extremely frustrating, especially for bodybuilders that are looking to gain lean muscles at the same time. It is common for bodybuilders to lose lean muscle mass together with fats due to incorrect supplementation and stacking.

Be sure to check out these top three weight loss SARMS and try them out. Any of the three SARMS will make a great choice in your cutting program, helping you lose weight fast without touching your gains. If anything, the SARMs will help you add extra pounds of lean during the cutting cycle.